The Brain Team

A volunteered team from various sectors worked hardly and sincerely from the beginning of the project,to finalize it in a perfect way.

Organization details

The architechts and the design engineers worked extremely on punctuation and coordination in order to realize and finish it in an excellent way. During the project, there were 8 operation directors, 100 security, 86 university students
and 57 people who worked as the technique team and this dream team made it real.

Success story

It was one of the biggest dreams of the photographer, Cumhur Aygün; to take the photo of Atatürk’s portrait made by the contribution of 2400 volunteers, from 300 metres high and he made his dream come true by the help of thousands of volunteers.

Video Clip 101112

The photos were taken by the stop-motion technique and the shooting took 12 hours,there are about 11.000 photos taken by him from 04:00 a.m until 16:00 p.m. The music belongs to the famous composer and pianist, Fazıl Say; who let us to use his composition as the soundtrack of this gorgeous video.

Backstage Video 101112

it is the story of a one frame photo from the very first moment of the project until the end of it which consists of the backstage and the video.


MEGATAKE is the name of the high-defined shooting technique camera. This view was made by the gathering of 210 frames of photos that were taken at the same time.It is posible to see even an object or a person clearly by focusing on from miles away.